Trained(The Monroe Trilogy Book 2)

By: Cynthia Dane

There goes that marriage talk again! Alice didn’t know whether to laugh, full of fanciful daydreams, or to tell him to slow the hell down. “What are your short-term plans?”

His hand clasped her thigh. “To get into these blasted pants of yours.”

What Monroe wanted, he frequently got. That included getting into Alice’s pants as he inducted her into the Mile-High club, with no bindings or blindfolds involved. As for getting her as his wife? Alice would entertain those fantasies for a while longer. Like him, however, she took such deliberations seriously. Even if he got down on one knee right now – and not to give her pleasure – and asked her to marry him, she wasn’t sure she would say yes. There was still too little she knew about him. Too much at stake.

Chicago would be a good opportunity to get a better look into the mind and soul of Damon Monroe. Until then, Alice would have to be content with getting more acquainted with the physical side of things. At least the flight would go by quickly!

Chapter 2

Alice had been mistaken about flying into Chicago Midway Airport. She exclaimed her mistake as they touched down on some otherwise unmarked runway outside of the city center.

“Why would we fly into such a busy place like that?” Monroe gathered his things while confirming last minute details with Ms. Sarah Clayborn.

“You said we weren’t flying into O’Hare…”

He gave her an incredulous look while one of the flight attendants opened the plane door. “There are more than two airports in Chicago, I can assure you, Ms. Culver.”

Oof. He was calling her Ms. Culver in front of everyone. Alice was catching on that such a name was considered formal in these situations.

He must have caught on to her embarrassment. “This is a private airstrip. Most of the other airports are too busy or too small to accommodate a jet as large as ours. There’s nothing to be confused about. We’ll be driving into the city center.” Was that smile forced or what? Even Ms. Clayborn was on the verge of rolling her eyes. “Everything has been taken care of.”

Of course. Of course everything had been taken care of. What was Alice thinking, anyway?

“Thank you for flying with us, Mr. Monroe,” said the snotty flight attendant. Her nicer coworker was nowhere to be found. When she turned to Alice, she looked her up and down, sniffed, and said, “Thanks for flying.”


Alice waited until they were in the back of a limousine with Ms. Clayborn and a bodyguard. “What is that flight attendant’s problem?” Alice whispered in Monroe’s ear. “She was pissy ever since you said I was your girlfriend.”

The bodyguard and Ms. Clayborn pretended not to listen. They may have been a few yards away in that huge limo, but Alice didn’t doubt that sound traveled well. Hopefully it didn’t travel too well in the plane. Alice would die. She didn’t care if these people knew what Monroe and his girl were doing in private, but she didn’t need evidence piling up.

“Her?” Monroe said drolly. “She’s nobody. I used to see her before you and I met.”

“By see, I’m guessing you mean something more casual than what you and I have been getting up to.”


Alice wanted to dramatically throw herself across the seat. Not only was he still employing an ex-hookup, but he was parading his new girlfriend in front of her too! This man was shameless. I feel sorry for that lady now. Were those daggers in the flight attendant’s eyes mere jealousy, or did she feel sorry for Alice too? “Oh, he told you all that marriage drivel? He told me that too. Have fun cleaning up his leftovers when he’s done with you. Your best hope is to get pregnant like I wish I had done now!”

The drive into downtown Chicago wasn’t as fun as Alice thought it would be. Didn’t help that the windows were again so dark that she started to wonder if these people didn’t want to be reminded of the world beyond them. This made the twenty minute drive into the city center feel a lot longer than the flight.

Alice barely registered when the limo pulled up along a curb and the driver opened Monroe’s door. “We have arrived, sir,” the chauffer announced, the bodyguard already on the sidewalk and checking the entrance to the hotel. “The valet awaits.”

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