Trained(The Monroe Trilogy Book 2)

By: Cynthia Dane

“You’re beautiful,” Julia said to Alice.

Dee blushed when asked if she was Alice’s witness. “Guess so,” she said.

This wasn’t how Alice imagined this day when she was a little girl. But, she reassured herself, Monroe had promised a proper ceremony as soon as his father was taken care of.

“Alice,” Monroe whispered, clasping her hands and gazing into her eyes. She was liable to drown in that amber. Not a bad way to go. Suck me into your gravity again, my love. “Promise me that this is what you want.”

She nodded. “I want to be with you forever, Damon. I don’t care how we achieve that.”

This monumental moment should’ve been given more care, but they didn’t have time for ostentatiousness or full-page spreads in the papers. One day. When this was all over and they could be normal again.

Well, as normal as a couple with billions of dollars at their disposal could be, anyway.


“We don’t have much time,” Monroe warned, closing the door behind him. “I paid the guy to give us this room for a whole ten minutes, and I have a meeting at five.”

Alice was still coming down from her nerves. Her hand touched her stomach. Settle down, butterflies. Nothing has really changed. “Does it have to be like this?” Something sparkled in Monroe’s hands. “What’s that?”

“Unfortunately, it does have to be like this. Our state has rather strict if not archaic laws about such things. I don’t want there to be any loopholes.”

“Admit it,” Alice tried to coolly say as he presented her with a silver box. “This is turning you on.”

“Maybe a little. Open it.”

Inside was a pair of silver bracelets, suspiciously looking like fancy handcuffs. He would. Each one was engraved. Together they announced his name.

Alice held out her wrists. Monroe clasped a bracelet around each one. Part of her ensemble, she supposed.

“Exquisite,” he said with a kiss to her fingers. “Now bend over, my love. We don’t have much time, and I’m only half-erect.”

She wanted to laugh. Instead, she giggled awkwardly, her nerves besting her. “Does our first time without…” She couldn’t even say it. “Have to be like this? It’s not romantic at all.”

“Don’t worry, precious.” Monroe drew her into his arms. Already she felt a million times better. Yes, this is how it’s meant to be. Her skirt pulling up and her underwear falling down with only a few quick motions. “That doesn’t have to start today. Our first time doing that will be much more romantic, I promise. You can stop your medication tomorrow.”

Already he was making concessions to that huge contract she signed a few days ago. That’s how Monroe was, though. Anything to get under her skirt!


Alice rode the elevator up with no one but Dee to accompany her. To be sure, the security downstairs was not pleased to see either of their faces. Russell had made sure they were no longer welcomed here.

Too bad.

The doors opened to the carefully controlled chaos that was Monroe Industries’ main office. Straight ahead was Alisha, the colorfully clad receptionist who sat at her floating desk and barely gave Alice any thought as she approached.

Alice stared at the embossed letters hanging above Alisha’s head. MONROE they screamed at her. That’s right. Don’t forget that.

“Good afternoon,” Alice said with all the strength she could muster. “Could you do me a favor and send a memo to the whole building?”

The receptionist balked. At least she turned it into a cordial laugh. “And what should I tell the whole building, ma’am?”

Alice produced a copy of her marriage license. “That I, Alice Marie Monroe, now own half of everything you see here.”

Suffice to say, the receptionist was speechless.

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