Yes Sir (A Dirty Boss Romance)

By: Lila Younger

Chapter 1


I check my phone. Nothing. Of course there’s nothing. I knew she wouldn’t text me, but I couldn’t say anything this morning either because all I’d get back is snark as usual. I can feel my blood pressure rising as I open up my phone and double check. I’m not a morning person in the slightest, so I’m already in a bad mood. My best friend, Sidney, senses my anger and lays a soothing hand on my shoulder.

“Come on, Willow,” she says. “Let’s go to The Jumping Bean and get some coffee. I bet they’ll even still have a few of those chocolate croissants since we’re here so early. I know you love them.”

“Is it really that obvious?” I say, but the thought of chocolate does cheer me up.

“I can feel the heat from here,” she says as she gets out of the car. “I’m sure Jordan will text you while we’re there.”

“Coffee does sound good,” I say grudgingly, throwing my purse over my shoulder as I get out of Sidney’s little hatchback. “Thanks for agreeing to wake up early and drive by the way.”

Sidney and I carpool to work every day. By some crazy miracle, she and I landed jobs in the same office building, though not in the same company. I work in a boutique ‘branding and marketing’ firm, while Sid’s in accounting. She’s actually the one who found me the job. She overheard two guys talking about an open position and made me apply. I honestly didn’t think I’d get in. Bronson and Burke is a big deal, and they’ve recently scored one of the most brilliant minds ever- Deacon Sheffield, the creator of Silk soap’s True Beauty campaign, Blue Swan’s viral vodka ads, and completely revamped and made Hatchet body spray something every guy (not just junior high boys) wants to spray on. Do I need to go on? The guy is amazing.

What’s definitely not so amazing is the fact that he’s called a meeting at 7:30 in the morning on a Monday.

“I don’t even understand the point of this meeting,” I grumble, getting back into my dark mood again as I open up the coffee house’s doors and let Sidney through.

“Monday morning meetings aren’t that strange. I mean, a good manager should know about the status of their teams’ projects,” she replies as we get to the back of the line.

The whole place smells glorious, and I start to salivate. I peek towards the counter, and luckily there’s still a few croissants in the glass case. As long as there isn’t some jerk ordering a dozen, I’m going to be able to have one. The Jumping Bean is packed full of people, all of whom look as tired as me. I push my glasses up my nose and peer at the baristas to see if Sarah’s working. She always puts an extra shot in for me for free. Normally I like to wear contacts, but Jordan used up all of the solution, so I had to throw them out. Seriously, teenage girls can be so inconsiderate.

“No Sarah,” I say mournfully to Sidney. “And Bronson and Burke isn’t like that. They’re super flexible with their timetables. Nobody ever has a time they need to be in, or out. Deacon Sheffield is just being a total dick to assert his power or something. I mean, I’m a junior, junior associate. Two juniors. There’s no way that I can tell him anything useful. I just do what’s put in front of me.”

In fact, aside from this being my dream job (not the junior junior associate part, but where I get to help design and brand a company), the flexible schedule was why I wanted this so badly. Not that Jordan needs to be looked after all the time, but it definitely helps that when an emergency does arise like it has more and more lately. I can just take off and make up the time later.

I catch Sidney’s doubtful look.

“Everyone on the team thinks so too,” I say defensively. “I mean, people have been talking about him. He’s supposedly super anal, like Steve Jobs, on everything. Has to micromanage all aspects of the campaign, makes everyone do things a million times. He’s going to be the boss from hell.”

“The guy has done a really good job though,” she points out. “I mean, weren’t you just raving about how lucky you are to get to work with such a genius two weeks ago?”

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